Q: Will there be any talking during my massage?

A: With therapeutic massage, feedback from both the therapist and client is crucial to more accurate assessments and adjustments needed during the session. There is often talking followed by periods of silence (especially when the client falls asleep). ¬†ūüôā

Q: I'm interested in Cupping but I don't want a red dot on my back. Does it always leave a mark?

A: There are several types of cups and techniques. The cups that can leave a red dot are Kangzhu cups, which are left in one place on the body for several minutes. We refer to it as static pressure because the cup is stationary. One or more Kangzhu cups may be necessary depending on how knotted up the client is when they're on the table.

The extent to which the color and depth of each dot reach is dependent upon many factors-a person's stress level, the flow of their chi, diet, current health, dietary habits, smoking status, etc.

The length of time a dot will remain visible varies with each client. Some dots begin disappearing immediately, some continue to fade up to two weeks.

Q: What other types of cups do you use?  Do they all leave red marks?

A: We incorporate use of the Baguanfa cups into every massage (except Swedish). The Baguanfa cups are silicone so they're flexible and work very well with all aspects of massage, from gliding to static (reverse) pressure.  Any marks Baguanfa cups might make, if any, would be extremely light.

At other times it's appropriate to use the stationary Kangzhu cups which do have the ability to leave the red dots.

Facial cups (the bells and Belletazze) were created to use the very light pressure your extremely fragile facial tissues require and are not left in a stationary position. Red dots or marks are highly unlikely with facial cupping.

Q: I've heard Cupping uses fire? Do you?

A: What you're referring to are indeed called "fire cups" and while our therapists have been trained in their use, we find their use is somewhat limited. Instead, we choose to use the Baguanfa and Kangzhu cups for their versatility and consistently effective results they produce.